Friday, November 21, 2008

I felt complimented the other day when someone asked me if I blogged anywhere. I led them to this site and realized it had been eons since I made an update, so I thought I would. I have been thinking a lot lately about the importance of keeping connected to the work of the small (or large) number of artists/thinkers/musicians/writers/friends you find inspiring as they go about their lives and make work. It is something that can help me when I am feeling down; making an assessment of what I see around me that is brave and fierce and raw and real.

We had a show at my house the other night too that blew me away and reminded me that there are still so many gems left for me to continue to pursue and uncover. This fantastic band Curtains of Night from Chapel Hill played. They are a duo, and actually I had played with them once before when my old band played Chapel Hill. But this time I got to focus on them a lot more. They are heavy and layered and gut-wrenching. My friend Danielle bought the CD and left it in my car so I got to listen to it - fantastic, and wonderful lyrics. Heather from the band Bellafea put it out on her emerging label Holidays for Quince. I highly recommend it.

I also just got to see the art that will be the cover of the Pygmylush/Turboslut split lp. It is fantastic!!! Woodburning, found art / collagey feel to it. This January!

And - what can I say about having a new President? It is a fantastic change. Let's see what happens, and try to step it up ourselves.

Happy Weekend.


Blogger Abbie Road said...

hey Katy<3!... thanx so much for leaving me a comment.. and yes i do believe the world is ready for more of your

stay positive and the world will work for you.. hope to see you around again<3!

9:13 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Why does Katy Otto rock so hard?.....

1:19 PM  

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