Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fresh from her win at the Grammys Imogen announces what promises to be a night of monumental proportions. On 5th November 2010 Imogen will play her largest ever UK headline show at London's legendary Royal Albert Hall!

Saw this today...

This woman is magic but I am haunted by her specific magic.

I thought about how beautiful and gorgeous this show will be.

The other day a wise person spoke words of the pain inherent in lives of those of us who dream just a little too huge and a little too hard.

All I ever chased or valued was mutual surrender. I do not care the cultural scripts others offer, or spew. There are things I want, conversations that resonate through my head.

Imogen's words are always in my head. She is a painter for my heart.

There is only one way I would want to see this show now. Her consistent appearances in my life startle me. It will always mean one thing.


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