Saturday, January 15, 2011

Some thoughts for a recent Trophy Wife interview:

Being a queer woman extends beyond just who I date (which has been mostly but not all dudes) but also, having a queer or deviant or different arc of perspective on the nature of relationships, the nature of partnership, of parenting, family, attraction, sex, etc. We have the following lyrics in Cat and Dog that best sum it up:
"Am I less your daughter? Am I more a stranger? What does it matter to you anyway who we fuck how much why to what end? Some of us will never be immune."

The final line refers to the idea that making choices outside of the mainstream, or even having those choices made FOR you as regards to your romantic or sexual life, relationship structure, etc, can be painful and lonely and leave you more vulnerable to scrutiny, derision, and judgment. Part of the song also acknowledges that you can be a sexual, loving, intense person and choose NOT to engage your sexuality for any length of time for any host of reasons. And that is a valid choice, and actually has nothing to do with your viability as a partner, person, soul.


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