Saturday, October 08, 2011

people whose understanding of love i understand.

of the literary/artistic/cultural figure variety:

polly jane harvey
langston hughes
cristina nehring
jenny block
dan savage
trent reznor
the band blonde redhead
marina abramovic
imogen heap
pema chodron
guy picciotto
anne sexton
bell hooks
inga muscio
cornel west
jeanette winterson

my kindreds:

andy spiers
heather mcentire
aimee argote
beck levy
violet levoit
diane foglizzo
damian hade
geoff rickly
alex saavedra
daisy schwartz
danielle kurzweil
matt davis (RIP, all love, always)
my otto family
daniel hukill
beth cameron
mary brown
jon ilhan
jenn peck
chris bickel
jeremiah kelley
joey gates
marc nelson
chad clark
sonya koshuta
al burian
chris lauterbach
ketch wehrwolf

There are other people who I relate to in moments but I felt great comfort in assembling a list of people I feel kinship in around love very, very consistently. Because I wanted to know this group existed. Because I want to engage in a curiosity around love as long as I live.

So many thanks for all you give me.

If you even want to talk about your own experience or thoughts around love, I will listen. I can be found, and I can listen. If you are not on this list maybe I just haven't gotten to listen to you yet, or maybe your voice is best heard by others.