Monday, October 15, 2007

I wanted to post a little bit about some of the music that has captivated me lately. I rediscovered my love for Your Majesty, a band from DC that was around in the mid-nineties. My friend John Beckham turned me on to them years ago. They have a full-length called "Jive Shucker" that is incredible. There was a woman named Michel Adi that played drums in this band and I swear to GOD I wish she was still playing music. Maybe she is! I can't seem to find much on the internet about it. This music is dark, melodic, driving - all the things I like. Noisy, etc. The CD is available for like a penny on amazon and you definitely wouldn't be sorry if you got it. My beloved roommate Beck also found me an awesome split seven inch they put out with a mysterious 90s era band called Rugtip. The Your Majesty side has one song not on the full length and a different version of another song.

Also, I have been enjoying Big Business SOOOOO much. Featuring former members of Karp and Murder City Devils, this is crazy good. Drummer Coady Willis is left-handed, sick as shit, precise and brutal all at once. Jared's vocals sound like a mountain preaching from on high! Check this shit out.

I got to hang out with a friend this weekend and talk about visual art, and it reminded me how much I also love Renee Stout. Her retrospective book is cheap on amazon, and she has a piece up at the Hirschhorn as well. You can see some of her images on google I am sure, but I really recommend trying to see her work in person if you get the chance.

Finally, everyone should read Miranda July's book of short stories. Incredible. God she rules.



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Blogger fzkn said...

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