Friday, May 01, 2009

Create for us a savage creature. A spectre, a stalwart caveat. I can't command anything like this terror, this seizure. Bliss bliss and sunshine all over your skin. I'd claw your peace out of you. Five times the monstrosity of a frenzied demon. Take good care. Lie in release, sanctioned. How do we grow and change in several years? What do we forget in six months? How strong are our youngest and how wise our oldest? I can't believe we can all exist at once. You are a trumpet and a mistake-keeper. Watch me instead of blasting me with words. No titles no labels no ceremony. Please keep your hands off me, her, and anything else you care to deride. I want to be the eldest daughter and most insubordinate. I am lying in the cut, in wait, restless and worth worrying about.


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