Wednesday, July 29, 2009

you are all so traceable. it is boring and translatable. can't you hide with a little more wisdom, a little more fervor? get it down and siphoned. hide in the reeds, where they won't see you, only hear you. the earth and the sun mix together to feel you. tester/shaker. BRIGHT burn too fast blister. how could you command such a philistine prophecy? she bleeds from her brain, crazy wild sphinx and arrows, embers and cinders. it has since been poisoned and who knows right from wrong? eternal spotless sunshine mind blockage. LIFETRAP she says. i deliberate. you are safer as a spectre, you are more like a risen demon, sent back a decade later to haunt me and recall each flailing, each fissure in my armor. i will summon my boldest heart shards and command you back to the grave. i will make the edges of my erosion sharp and challenge you to battle. broken in interest.


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